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Our Champions membership scheme gives you great discounts on theatre, cinema, and The Dukes café bar, as well as "Secrets of the Stage" and other exclusive events.
FULL ‪£‬60.00
See every homegrown dukes production for half price (including our park show), receive discounts on all live, satellite & Cinema events, save at our cafe bar, and invitations to free "Secrets of the Stage" events.   All the while you will be supporting the dukes charity and enabling us to grow.

For £60 a year (or £5 a month) you will receive the following:
•2 free cinema tickets (for new member sign ups)
•50% theatre discount for Supporters Priority evenings
•discounts on all touring productions
•£1 off all cinema tickets
•£1 off all Dukes Theatre productions
•up to £3.50 off "Stage on Screen" tickets
•10% discount at the dukes cafe bar
•Free "Secrets of the Stage" events
•priority mailings and bookings
•Supporters Newsletters

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